Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rainy Sunday

When I was growing up, I went to church with my family every Sunday. Dad was the preacher. So, preacher's kid = going to church on Sunday.

Now, I was taught that Sunday was a day of rest. Spending most of the day in church was not particularly restful as far as I could see...unless you fell asleep during the sermon. That's difficult when you're sitting in the front pew.

Between morning service and evening service we had dinner and then napped or read. No television as we didn't own one.

Rainy Sundays were particularly drowsy. Think about it. You get up, rush around getting dressed, zip off to church and then sit still for a couple hours. That's a sure recipe for dozing off.

Now I take that 'day of rest' very seriously. Generally, I don't write. There's seldom anything on television to watch. And we make a practice of not going out to shop or eat out on the weekend. Reading, meditating, praying, or napping are the order of the day.

Rainy Sundays are the best.

Our culture has developed into a hustle-bustle rush of errands on the weekend. There is no day of rest anymore. Even church attendance is an energetic social event instead of a quiet worship period of contemplation. That peaceful opportunity to take a spiritual break is fading away.

I have noticed folks tend to slow down on rainy Sundays. They talk about naps and reading or watching movies. They're less likely to spend the day landscaping or working in the yard. They're more likely to spend time with their families.

Maybe what we need is more rainy Sundays...

Rest and peace.



  1. I love rainy Sundays. Sundays depress me. Rainy Sundays perk me up. Don't know why...

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  3. Maybe because I'm heathen atheist but I never waste a day...

  4. I love rainy Sundays. Growing up we always considered Sunday a day of rest and I keep trying to convince my husband of that, but he's a goer! lol
    Yesterday, I won the battle. :)