Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Musings

1. I never open e-mails from authors trying to sell their books. Never. Ditto blog hops, writing services, crafts, crystals, life readings, etc. To my way of thinking e-mails are letters, reserved for personal communication.

2. If I really like a book, I will re-read it at least once every year. If it's part of a series, I'll re-read the entire series every year (or when the newest book is released). I love finding a book I can re-read.

3. I never click on the links for books, gizmos, clothing, blah, blah, blah sold on Amazon, B&N, etc., etc. I also rarely have to deal with virus attacks. Wonder if there's a connection...

4. I 'unfollow' any individual who posts pictures of abused animals, children, adults, etc. Post a link to the article and I'll decide if I want to read it. But children can see my newsfeed and I don't believe they need to look at such pictures. I often wonder why folks post such things. Usually, there's very little accomplished in the end.

5. I skip over all political links. About 90% of them are false or so slanted it's nearly impossible to determine the truth. If you have an opinion, state it clearly with supporting evidence.

6. I wish there was a course or cheat sheet or something that explained the whys and wherefores of writing a blurb. Really. Shouldn't I be able to catch a glimpse at the story? Maybe be able to tell whether it's a comedy or mystery or horror? I wish folks would just say, "Read my book. It is a mystery set in Podunk Holler. Murder and mayhem abound."

7. Why do so many book covers have headless people on them? Naked hairless chests? Overflowing, out-of-period gowns? People in their underwear? Actually, why do we have people on the covers at all?

8. Do women ever think about how impersonal and objectifying naked/nearly naked pictures of young men are? I find most of them vaguely embarrassing...kind of like looking at someone young enough to be my grandson. I get the whole someone-paid-them-money to take their picture, but really...

9. Why do people post weather/news updates without any information regarding location? "Shooting at Roosevelt HS!" Hello, there must be thousands of Roosevelt High Schools. What city or state? "Twelve inches of snow on the ground!" Where? You know...a general area...California...Texas...Canada. It makes a difference.

10. I almost deleted this post because it's mostly belly-achin' cause it's MONDAY. Feel free to ignore it. Or add your own beef...


  1. If we add beef, we have goulash, right? So it wasn't for naught - you created a new recipe and got a lot of crap off your chest. Good way to start the week. (account used by jn (formerly 28 bb))

  2. Oh Anny-- I so wish we weren't expected to have people or torsos on our covers. I just want a totally cool artistic minimalist cover!