Saturday, March 1, 2014

Color Magic

The color of winter is gray. Sometimes, when it snows the gray is brightened up a bit, but mostly when we think of winter, we mentally see shades of gray.

All the other seasons are explosions of color. In the spring there are tender bits of bright green, brilliant pinks and yellows and purples with the occasional spike of blue or red. Then summer strolls in with the riot of bright vegetables and fruits with the fiery reds, glossy greens and deep, deep purples.

By the time fall arrives, we're embracing the crispy pumpkins and apple scents and homey shades of oranges and reds. Our surroundings take on a carnival atmosphere.

Then winter creeps in. And the world goes shadowy gray.

That's when I haul out my gaudiest, most colorful clothing. One of my daughters really loves grays, beiges, forest greens and rarely wears anything bright. Not me. I only own a couple things that are beige. All my other clothes, down to my underwear and socks, are bright splashes of color.

People comment about me matching my socks and shirts. Little do they know my undies match, too. And why? Because color pushes away all the gray that surrounds me. Color brings spring and summer and fall into my life when winter is outside.

Feeling blah and down? Try dressing in something bright and playful. Don't save your colors for spring. Put them on now and liven your life.


  1. Love your love of colors, Anny. I tend toward browns and blacks with the occasional blue green or red. Pretty quilt!

    1. The afghan is in the process...I'm about 2/3 finished. I love the colors.

  2. Great suggestion! I'm gonna find something bright and colorful to wear today!