Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Boobie Check

Today was my six month follow-up mammogram. Naturally, it was snowing so we left home early. And for once, they took me in immediately.

Any woman who's been there knows the drill...strip everything above the waist and put on a gown--open in the front. As I tugged the gown closed, the tech called my name so we went right in--no time to sit around and think of bad possibilities.

The area they're keeping an eye on is high up, even with my arm pit. Just imagine trying to squeeze that area in the smasher unit! It took three tries, but eventually, the tech smushed and stretched and squeezed it all in, including the bits under my arm.

Then she said, "Okay, don't get dressed yet. Wait out there until the doctor looks at the x-rays." And the waiting was...endless. At that moment, whether you're single or married, young or old, you're all alone. You have time to wonder if this is going to be the time when the news is not good? Is this the point when your life changes?

Eventually, she came out and said, "Nothing has changed. That's good! Come back to see us in six months."

And you start breathing again.


  1. I'm awaiting my test results from last week. Because I'm in a remote area the xrays have to be sent to Brisbane. I'm not expecting a problem but I've had a scare before so if I have another one I'll be prepared.

  2. Heh. Me, too, since I have a lot to squish. <3

  3. It's the alone that kills me. The one time I had to have a needle follow-up, I was still not allowed to have a support person with me. I am very much stronger when I have someone by my side, but the "system" is so much more important than the humans it serves. That is my biggest grumble with the entire US healthcare industry.