Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hotdog Taxes

On Monday, the hunk and I went to have our taxes done. Since I'm an author, I itemize. When our preparer was finished, I had more deductions than my income...not surprising as my royalties came to less than $1200.

The big surprise came when we arrived at the bottom line. Our total combined refund was a few dollars difference from last year's refund. But we had dropped from the 15% bracket to 10%...because my royalties were so low.


Now I must consider whether writing (and royalties earned) are actually more beneficial to our financial picture or maybe I should aim for one new book a year. I suspect the tax situation is not going to improve over the next few years. Perhaps, just perhaps there's a good reason to slow down and smell the roses!

More hotdogs!


  1. Interesting. My royalties were lower from all sources this year. I'm blaming the economy.

  2. My royalties remain steady but in saying that I've lost interest in the business...