Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Boogie Man

I freely admit I'm probably the world's biggest needlephobic. Yep, all you have to do is show me a needle and I'll run the other direction. When I have blood drawn or an IV inserted I have to close my eyes and think of England.

So when my doc proposed insulin shots for my ongoing diabetes struggle--well, you may imagine how excited I was at that prospect. My current oral meds have some nasty side effects. Tired and depressed and truly feeling discouraged, I agreed to the new regimen, but my already wobbly belly was engaging in a new set of flutters at the IDEA of injecting myself. I spent a restless night worrying about this new aspect of my life.

I have a root canal scheduled today and THAT wasn't as worrisome as the NEEDLE. Oh, woe is me!

I rolled out of bed this morning--tested my blood sugar (a sparkling 243) and hauled out the papers explaining the process of insulin injection. I have the insulin pen, so it wasn't even like it was a real syringe. (How in the world do drug addicts stand to do this crap???)

I finally fumbled through the assembly process, and then with a DEEP breath, I went for it. Poked my arm. Peered down there to make sure the needle was in because I didn't feel anything. Yep, it was in. Pressed the injection button. And I did it!

I'm feeling a bit silly for wasting a night's sleep worrying about needlegate when I could have worried about the root canal instead.

The boogie man--he just isn't as bad as he used to be...

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