Monday, April 20, 2009

Nap attacks

Each day around four o'clock, I have a nap attack. I generally crash for a couple hours and then life begins again. My doctor says it's my biological rhythms that are in force. All I know is that when it's nap time I can't keep my eyes open for anything.

When I was young--very young, of course--naps were an accepted part of the day. And then as I grew older, naps were rare events that only took place when my body was over tired from such things as traveling or working.

Then when I was pregnant, the afternoon nap became part of the ritual again. I used to nap with my kids on the living room floor. We would start out "resting" while we watched a Chicago Cubs game. Soon we'd all fade out for a while, waking later in time to watch the last couple innings. I kind of miss those days with my little kids asleep all around me.

Now I have the luxury of time to nap. When I get too tired for the old brain to function, I wander into the bedroom and crash. Sometimes when I have a plotting problem to work out or some other similar puzzle to deal with, I'll wake up from my nap with the answer as clear as crystal.

It seems a shame that our culture has become too hurry-scurry to take time for the nap. Maybe in the midst of our current economic revolution people will find the benefits of the occasional nap attack.



  1. I miss naptime during the week. It wants to be around 2 and that just doesn't work.

  2. The hubby always naps in the p.m. too.

  3. When my niece and nephew are here, we call it 'Movie Hour'. Usually about 30 minutes in, the kids are snoring, despite the protestations, 'But Aunt Molly, I'm not (huge yawn) tired!'

  4. I love a nice nap and I haven't indulged much lately. Things have got to change.

  5. I love a good nap - there just aren't enough of them in my world. I should rectify that...