Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, Easter is over and it's back to the rat race. Kids are going back to school. Spring will inevitably arrive. Flowers will bloom. Allergy season will choke us nearly to death.

So today I thought I would post fun stuff and good news.

This video is guaranteed to make you smile. Keep a close eye on the expressions of the spectators. They're wonderful.

Last Thursday a tornado struck a small town in Arkansas. My son lives there. In a mobile home--which as most of you know is particularly vulnerable to tornadoes. I didn't hear from him for a more than twenty four hours. The power was out and that meant there were no phones. But he finally called to say that he was okay.

He talked about standing in the yard watching the sky as the tornado approached. It traveled around the area where he lives, destroying much of the town on either side of him. But the small area where he lives was untouched. He said there was incredible destruction in the town. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost lives, loved ones and property. But I'm so thankful for my son's safety.

Early Easter morning the phone rang. It was the grandkids yelling "Happy Easter, Nanna!" Um, yeah. Of course! Who would mind waking after four hours of sleep to that? Not me.

There's quite a brouhaha over Amazon's decision to play censor for their clientele. If you would like to know what it's all about, click on the link.

In a related story, after reading the post, I went to check out my name at Amazon. After perusing nearly the entire page, I scrolled down to the bottom to check for new reviews. Near that section, there's a place that says "readers that bought Dancer's Delight also bought..." and there's also a "buy this book and this book for $XX.XX..." Well, I almost fell off my chair when I saw that my book was paired with a Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz book. Then I looked down at the stellar choices recommended below that. Wow.

Does that mean that more of my books will sell? I have no idea. But it did give me a smile. And that's what this post is all about, right?



  1. Lots of things going on, especially at Amazon. They truly need to get their act together. You are certainly in good company over there though. How cool.

  2. The last time I checked mine, I was grouped with Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, and Danielle Steele.

    Good for you:)

  3. Hey you rank up there with JAK for me! And I'm so glad your son is okay!