Saturday, April 11, 2009


Do you ever wonder if there are true soulmates? And if there are, how do they know they're soulmates? What are the requirements? How do they meet them?

I've recently read several romances with soulmates/heartmates and wondered what the difference is between them and any other couple in love. What makes their relationship so special?

What do you think? Are they out there?



  1. I believe there are people who think alike but that's about it...the rest is greeting card philosopy

  2. Fictionally speaking? It's the concept of a single perfect match. In the real world finding a person you can stand to share your life with is hard--but how much harder if out of the 3 billion people in the world there was only one. It's a fun concept for a fantasy world, though.

    That's a good one!

  3. A soul mate is the person you love living life with. When my hubby and I were talking to one of the pastors who performed our wedding, she asked why we wanted to get married. Just being in love or loving one another isn't enough.

    You have to love life with that person.

    There are plenty of people I love but couldn't stand living life with.