Monday, April 27, 2009

Oldies by Goodies

I spent the weekend reading. Not new books, as my book money allowance for this month has run dry. No, I read oldies. Actually, about ninety percent of what I read is books that I've already read not just once, but several times.

I really like books that can be read multiple times. Several blogs I've read recently have discussed such keepers, but almost all of them have referred to one or two books. I, on the other hand, have about two thousand keepers in print, with maybe another thousand in digital format.

And when you have a library that size, you always have something to read. Depending on my mood, I can read Regency or historial romance, sci-fi, fantasy, action adventure, westerns, spy thrillers, or mysteries, both old and new. Then there are the classics and non-fiction books.

I confess when I buy a new book for a series, I read the entire series beginning with the first book... every time. So when a series has say, twenty books, then I'll anticipate the newest entry by starting the month before on the older ones. It's amazing how many details you forget over time.

A lot of my friends and acquaintances say that they just don't have time to read and that's something I really don't understand. How can you not have time to read? Of course, I might have to multi-task to fit in a book or two and this has in the past occasionally been the reason for a scorched dinner or two. But I can't imagine life without the capacity to read.

This last weekend was a reading marathon. I read fourteen books and enjoyed every one. How about you? Any other voracious readers out there?



  1. I'm still searching for the perfect book. I've read a lot of great ones along the way but so far there's always something, some tiny detail I'd change.

  2. With working and writing I have no time to read - simple as that - not hard to understand - you make choices and you don't whine if you can't do something because of your choices

  3. I love to read but find very little time to do it. When I do find the time then the concentration level is next to nothing.

  4. I'm looking forward to the day when all my print books will be out of storage, out of the boxes, and on a shelf ala Beauty and the Beast Library:) Now when I want to reread a book, I have to go to the library.

    Watching the 6th Harry Potter movie trailer reminded me I've forgotten several details of that book; I'm going to have to reread it before seeing the movie.

    Your MV series is on the short list of e-rereads:)

  5. I'm a re-reader too. I'll confess though, I spend so much time writing or related activities I don't make the time as I should. I really miss reading. Can't tell you how many books I have waiting to be read both on my shelves and in my ebook reader.

  6. I must read in order to be able to write. It's like a battery recharge for me. For good output, I believe an author must have good input. This author, at least.

  7. I agree with Elissa. I need to recharge and reconnect with all the things I love about books. And oddly, the more different it is from what I'm writing, the more it refreshes me.