Monday, July 16, 2012

Ahhhh, Monday!

It's Monday! I have a full week. I wonder how much of my scheduled to-do list I'll actually accomplish? In any case, the sun is shining at the moment.

Each Monday I stand on the brink of a new week with plans for change and improvement. Some weeks I do better than others, holding to the plan. Some weeks are a wash. But I believe Monday provides that sharp starting point so many of us seem to need.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I'll start...___________ on Monday?" I confess I have. It might be a new eating plan or exercise or walking or getting enough sleep. That's what I'm talking about. Monday is the concrete leaping off point.

The weekend? Nah. That's too wishy-washy. There might be too many interruptions/distractions on the weekend. But MONDAY. Now Monday always comes around, presenting new opportunities.

So what will you begin this Monday?


  1. Last Monday, I went back to work editing (had taken the entire month of June off for vacation). This Monday? Recovering from busy weekend and reclaiming the house. Funny; it was clean while we were gone, but this morning you'd swear the cat and dog had a party or gremlins invaded while we were sleeping.

  2. You always find such delightful pictures to post on your blog, dear. Thanks for the Monday wake up.

  3. Monday is always... always catch up day for me. My husband works from home on Fridays and he always wants to be with me for that 3 day weekend. I get nothing accomplished except outdoor stuff, baseball and gardening. Zero writing.

  4. Monday, Monday... Thank you, ladies for dropping by my blog. Molly, my house always looked like that. Fran, I've been waiting for the opportunity to use this photo. And spousal unit it here 24/7. It's just fabulous trying to get anything done.