Monday, July 30, 2012

Income and Outgo

This is the time of the month when "royalty" payments come in--if you have any. I have several different publishers. The payments were $3.99, $6.82, and $2.37. 

Balance that against my dental bill from today. $1182. That's my share after insurance. And I'm blessed to have insurance because the house hunk is retired. 

Originally, I wrote a long whiny blog about money and expenses. And then when it was all out of my system, so to speak, I deleted it.

A lot of people don't have money. Most people don't have money. People the world over have no shelter, no food, no basic necessities. We look at the few haves and wonder why we're the have nots. Contrary to what some choose to believe, it's not because people refuse to work. It's because there aren't any jobs. Guess what?

With no job, there's no income. And with no income, with the best of good will, there's no outgo. And the spiral continues. Or maybe it's a ripple. Whatever it is, it touches people all around us.

So. I live in a country where I have access to dental care. They're willing to take payments. What more can one ask? When I get up in the morning, I'm thankful for all I have--even on the days when I almost forget how blessed I am. It could be worse. It has been worse in the past. For now, I'm good.



  1. Oh. I do understand. We are very lucky to have dental insurance but only one of our kids is still covered by our policy. It's so expensive!

  2. Yep. None of my kids have it for their families...