Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Have you ever...

Have you ever...

Bathed in a creek or river?

Cooked a hotdog over a fire on a green stick?

Had a telephone conversation on a party line?

Polished the paste wax on an old wood floor by "dancing" on a raggedy towel?

Slept sheltered from the rain in a lean-to in the forest?

Shared scary tales around a campfire?

Climbed a mountain and stood alone on the summit?

Snuggled with your kids when the power went out and there was no heat?

Made love on a grassy lawn?

Why not?


  1. I've shared scary stories around a campfire lots of times. I've snuggled with the kids when there was no power too. :)

  2. Why not? Probbly cause I was doing other stuff that I wanted to do...

  3. Very relatable. On weekends, I do polishing on an old wood floor by "dancing" on a raggedy towel. Yep!

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