Monday, July 9, 2012


I wonder why Monday always gets such a bad rap. There are those who would say I don't understand because I don't actually leave the house to go to work. Well, not at the moment, I don't, but I certainly put in my time as an out-of-the-home worker.

Even in those days, I usually found Monday a day of relief. My weekend to-do list was always so extensive, I looked forward to the humdrum, regimented existence during the week.

Working mothers--whether in the home or out--have no set 'start' and 'finish' to the day. While working outside the home, I had a definite beginning and ending to my responsibilities, something I found comforting. I could look at the clock and know exactly how much longer I would be working.

Now at home...that was not so. And I never knew what circumstances I would meet when I opened that front door. What family crisis would blind-side me? How late would it be before I could tumble into bed and rest my weary bones?

And weekends for the stay-at-home individual are mostly transparent. Really. How is it different from the other five days of the week? Granted, the television offerings are mind-numbingly boring. Traffic and the shopping hordes make it difficult to pick up bread and milk on the weekend. But inside? Same-old, same-old.

I think we should move to a choose-your-working days culture. You say you would rather work Wednesday through Monday? Fine. Maybe you would like to work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, skip Friday, work Saturday and Sunday, and sleep in Monday. Great!

Would it really make any difference? I don't think so. I have a feeling we (people in general) just don't appreciate having to shift from the leisure mode to the working mode--wherever we work and whatever day of the week that might be.

Monday, Monday...



  1. I work from home and most times Monday is a relaxing day because the baby goes to the in-laws. I get a ton accomplished. :o)
    I dread Thursdays...but that's a whole different story. lol

  2. To anyone who has to go out to work, Monday spells the end of freedom and back to the repressive pukeability of having to be somewhere and do something. Essentially, it smacks at freedom, indiviudality and the fact you can't wear a robe and slippers all day

  3. I love Mondays. I get the house to myself!

  4. Back in 1995, I worked at one of our steak restaurants so my 'weekend' was Mon-Tues. Very relaxing, since the kids were 3 and 6 months:)

    And you're right; since being a full time mom, my days bleed into each other....unless I'm babysitting someone else's child on certain days.

    And yes, I look forward to Back To School time; I get my 'life' back, lol! Summers are fun until the kids get bored with 'everything!'. Then I'm looking at the calendar ala 'It's HOW many days til school starts?'