Monday, September 23, 2013

Neat and Tidy

Over the weekend my daughter got her ex-husband. I don't propose to get into the reason he is her ex, but I will say time has passed and it's a good possibility they can make a go of it this time around.

Also during the weekend the hunk and I watched an old episode of a TV show where the main characters struggled with the same issue--whether or not to take the chance on a second time around.

I worked on my current WIP as I pondered the possibilities of success in second chance relationships. My characters also have to jockey their complicated feelings and past hurts as they decide whether or not to take that leap.

I think we humans like everything neat and tidy in our relationships. We want the happily-ever-afters that fit in nice squared away boxes with pretty bows. Sometimes life just doesn't work out that way. People have to mature. Or make mistakes so they can learn from them. Life is messy. Not all of us are on the same schedule.

For some, the second chance never comes. For others, it's a possibility they're too afraid to try. And for a few, it glitters with promise and hope.

So, with many prayers for patience and perseverance, the hunk and I offer our congrats to J & B. May you make each other happy on this second time around.


  1. Yep, you gotta take chances to get what you want. Good on them. If you don't try you'll never know

  2. Well, sometimes the second time around is the best time around.