Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Ponders

Things I wonder about:

Why does time pass so much faster as we age? Shouldn't it go slower when your time is running out? Back when I was in my teens it seemed like the days took forever.

Why do foods that are bad for you taste better than foods that are good for you? Wouldn't we all do better if the bad foods tasted bad?

Been watching all these end-of-the-world trailers for new TV shows. So...if there's no 'power' (electricity), how do those folks end up with pristine clothes? And where are they getting water? (No power, no water pumps.) And how do they find out about what's going on in the outer world? How do they know it's not just their local area? And another thing...why are all these shows set in the country? An urban scenario would probably scare the crap out of everyone...

How far could most folks walk if they had to escape from a catastrophic event?

Am I the only one to think it's strange that so many characters in British TV shows own horses? I thought horses were expensive to feed/care for/own. Is it cheaper in the UK to own a horse?

Bright hair colors seem to be all the rage in the author set. So does pink or purple hair help sell books? Or is another color better? How often does it have to be touched up?

Would life on this planet be different if no one wore pants? What if everyone wore skirts/kilts/robes? Would our cultures have evolved differently? What if fashion dictated all men had to wear corsets?

Who do you suppose invented the first comb? And why?

And what person looked at a crab or shrimp and thought, 'that looks like something good to eat?'

Who was the fashion forward idiot who invented high heeled shoes? Why?

That's it for today...



  1. Goodness, woman. You are going to make my head explode. ;) I'm just laughing about most of these--but I notice it too, the post apocalyptic storylines where people seem to have all the modern conveniences, minus gadgets. I think that's why my hubby likes the Walking Dead so much. Me, not such a big fan. I'll take an edge of fantasy.

  2. Yeah, I was just thinking yesterday about how the older you get the faster time goes. Sad. And a man must have invented high heels.

  3. "How far could most folks walk if they had to escape from a catastrophic event?"

    Not bloody far I reckon. Hair colour? Hides inadequacies. Comb? I do not comb my hair on the weekend. I like the rats nest look. High hell inventor? Short pretentious person was coloured hair who couldn't walk far in a catastrophe.

  4. LOL I absolutely adore the way your mind works, Anny. :)