Monday, September 30, 2013


Most mornings I have a set agenda I follow--sheer habit. I roll out of bed, take early morning meds, turn on the coffee pot, boot up the computer and comb my hair. By then, enough time has passed so I can take the next set of meds and read through my e-mail. It doesn't take long to do the e-mail as I count myself fortunate if I receive three or four that aren't junk.

Then I run through any comments I received on my Facebook posts and blog. By the time I finish up with that (about ten minutes) and read my friends' posts, it's time for coffee. Then I settle down to write a blog--if I have anything I want to share. Once that's finished and posted, it's time for breakfast. Total time expended: sixty minutes--if I'm slow with the blog writing.

If I'm having a particularly muzzy-brained morning, I might play a computer game to get the old brain cells moving. After that, I write.

I share all this useless information with you so you'll understand I have no objection to using the computer and Internet. I DO confess I just don't get the fascination with spending HOURS surfing the web. I tend to have a more businesslike attitude about the computer AND the Internet.

It may be my attitude stems from the fact the computer  has always been a work tool for me. Oh, I enjoy playing a computer game. As a matter of fact, I spent some time playing one yesterday while the hunk watched football. But that's not the norm. Aside from the occasional game of Scrabble or Solitaire, most of my time is spent in the actual work of writing.

I'm a bit puzzled by folks who are caught up in the various social media. What's with that? No doubt I'm marching along to my own drummer, but once the most current information about my books is posted, once the blog is written and the website is updated, I figure folks will get in touch if they have any questions.

All the energy writers, artists, musicians expend trying to attract attention is so much noise to me. If a 'link' catches my eye--and is a subject I'm interested in--I'll read it. If it's a sales pitch, review, or political rant, I usually pass. Perhaps that's why I'm not a bestseller. Maybe my books just suck. Either way, I'm not lost in the dark hole we call the Internet.

If anyone has proof that all that busyness actually sells books--ante up. I'd be real interested in the info. As far as I've been able to discern, the Internet is 80% wasteland and 19% iffy information. The remaining 1% could be more easily accomplished via snail mail and telephone.

Oh, I forgot. No one uses the mail or phone anymore...



  1. I'd be curious too. I feel it's a wasteland. :)

  2. I use the phone and I still mail letters. Off to mail a letter right now! I'm like you, I guess, check early and then done.

  3. Your books do not suck. Everyone has their time, Anny. Those who follow the herd and copy others when it comes to writing run out of steam. We've seen it happen for years now. Waiting is a pain in the arse but I truly believe your time will come.