Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let There Be Yarn

Yarn. Thread. String. Rope. Whatever you might call it, it's magic. With the simplest of tools, the minimum investment, you can make articles of clothing, a blanket, a piece of art, a gift for a friend. Knit, crochet, macrame, weave, tat, embroidery, needlepoint--all are possible with the humble bit of string.

Ancient examples of handmade tapestries demonstrate the universal human desire to create. Yet, we've reached a stage in our culture when we no longer value the time and creativity in such creation.

Perhaps it's simply because so few of us take time to create anything with our own hands. As one person pointed out while watching me knit a sock, "But why not just buy a package at WalMart? That would be cheaper and faster."

Yes, that is true. But I wouldn't receive the satisfaction of wearing something I created.

I believe there is a parallel in writing, carving, calligraphy, painting or any other creative endeavor. A large part of the reason we spend our time engaged in such endeavors is the satisfaction we receive from the act of creation. I suspect if more of us created, there would be less time to hate. Maybe instead of guns, we should have paint brushes and yarn. 

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