Saturday, June 27, 2015


Truth is in the heart of the believer. Every individual from atheist to pagan to naturist to christian to Muslim to Jew to Buddhist to... all believe they know the ultimate truth. Every one of them are absolutely convinced that their truth is the only correct one. How do we reconcile this contradiction?

In a perfect world, we would all just agree to disagree, leaving others to believe as they wish and live their lives in accordance with their beliefs. Except. Except at no time in human history has it ever been a perfect world. Humans are too stubborn, too selfish, too greedy, arrogant, adamant, autocratic, too sure they're the only ones who are right, so totally convinced they should be in charge, that a perfect world is a misty dream, concealed by the fog of self-righteousness.

Some folks seek the truth with fervor and single-mindedness. A few do. Most people with sheepish laziness follow their chosen shepherd, be that minister, politician, celebrity, or media whiz. The few that seek the truth have a tough row to hoe. There are rabid weeds in the garden of truth with the long roots of prejudice, bigotry, expedient political lies, and outright concealment by the religious power of the moment by wanton destruction. Truth seeking is not for the weak or fearful.

Some are convinced truth is buried in the prehistoric past. Others look to the utopian future. I believe both are wrong. The truth is here, now, in the present, in our very human hearts. The truth is what we believe in, what we base our faith, our moral compass, our code on. It's how we choose to view and deal with our fellow man. It can't be legislated, it can't be converted. It a choice each of us must make after searching our hearts. That's the truth. And it's difficult.

Truth requires responsibility for our actions. It requires accepting the longterm consequences for our beliefs, for how we act is not just in the present, but will affect our future and the futures of our fellow humans. What we teach our children by our actions, by our unguarded words, by our careless acceptance of the actions of others, is what they will become. Can we handle the truth? I don't think so. It requires too much work.

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