Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mash me, baby!

2008 is the UN Year of the Potato I challenge you to bring a loveable, romantic potato into your blog in honor of that!---H, our editor

Masher McArthur stretched his burly body and wedged his back against the side of the hot tub while he watched Scallop Ziemniak slowly ease into the steaming water. Her smooth curves glistened in the gentle bubbles. He inhaled her luscious scent and savored the anticipation that skittered up his spine.

Tonight he had plans for Scallop. Hot lusty plans. First the hot tub. When he had her softened up, he would drizzle her with fragrant oil and they would bake a while side by side, like two French fries in an oven.

Ah, yes, the touch of her body next to his…

“Masher, what on earth are you thinking?” Scallop demanded. “Your eyes are drooping!”

“Just you and me, baby. I’m gonna cover and smother you so well you’ll never think of that puny Yukon Goldie again!”

“Oh, Masher,” she sighed. “Don’t you know that I love every handsome russet inch of your body? Your warm tan skin smells so earthy and feels so rough. It drives me wild when you grate against me. Are you ready to leave the tub?”

Masher reached for her and gently poked her dark red skin. “Yep, I would say that we’re definitely done. Time for the milk and butter bath.”

Scallop joyfully embraced him before hopping out of the tub. “Hurry up! I can’t wait! Mash me, baby!”


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  1. You are bloody insane! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Sounds delicious!


  3. OH MY GOSH!! What a riot! Skip the were-tick story, I want more of this one. I especially love how he checks to see if she'd done. LOL.

  4. Mash me, baby. Butter me up and break me down. Hot, this blog.