Sunday, January 27, 2008

The very best of...

Artist~ Johannes Vermeer
Before all the other "painters with light", there was Johannes Vermeer. This painting is called Young Woman with a Water Pitcher. I discovered Vermeer back in my early twenties. He's the only painter whose work I can automatically identify on sight. I love the simple every day subjects and the wonderful backgrounds in the paintings.


Had a bad day? Feeling down in the dumps? Then this is the site for you. I challenge you to scroll through a few of these without laughing until you cry. The men and women who write the captions are geniuses. Pure genius.

Brian Jacques' world of Redwall

A few years ago, I discovered the world of Redwall purely by accident. Since then I've scoured bookstores until I found every last book in the series. Trust me, it wasn't easy even though they're all still in print! In one store you might find them in the Young Adult section. In another bookstore they might be in the Fantasy section. Another store will shelve them in the Fiction section.

Take a tip from me. Its easier to simply ask the clerk to begin with and then simply enjoy trying to decide which book to begin with. I love them all. The stories are good vs. evil. The illustrations are exquisite. If you've never discovered Redwall, you're in for a treat. and here is the illustrator's website



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  1. I love the cheezeburger cats - but I try to stay away from that site or I never get anything else done!

    We discovered Redwall when my BIL gave my kids a DVD of the stories - vol.7-12. They love it but we've been looking for the first vol. ever since. Now you've given me something new to look for - books!

  2. icanhascheezburger is completely addictive. I went there and was captured for hours and hours.

  3. I really enjoy your Sunday blog, Anny. You can also see the Cheeseburger kitties on Youtube. So funny!

  4. Anny, those pics were great! Just want I needed:)

    I like vermeer too.

    Great blog!

  5. I put a comment on here last night!!!! Whine! What did I say? Would have been incredibly brillant...never mind...bloody blogger

  6. Yep, that happens to me all the time. Very frustrating sometimes!