Monday, May 17, 2010

Magazine Musing

For a while now, I've been curious about whether women really pay attention to the articles in magazines or whether they buy them for the recipes and such. I read the covers when I'm standing in line at the checkout counters in the grocery store and wonder who decides what they put on the covers?

As far as I can tell, the most popular entry on all covers, regardless of genre, always has something to do with weight-loss. I confess I've bought a few, lured in by the possibility of some new suggestion or information.

The only thing of interest to me personally was the information that soy-based products shouldn't be consumed by individuals with thyroid problems. Since I had a doctor's appointment scheduled shortly thereafter, I ran that one by my doc and she concurred. I pointed out it would have been useful to know that during the previous four years when I was consuming a boatload of soy-based bars, drinks, etc.

The second most popular subject apparently, is sex. Can we talk? Is there really anything new? I recently read through a zillion blog comments about a book review on the subject. According to the majority of commenters, the author was depraved and wicked. Sigh. In that case, let's hope they don't read Victorian erotica such as the Pearl or the really good stuff written by the Romans or Greeks. There is nothing new. If you want to know what turns a man on, ask him. He'll be happy to tell you--in detail.

Back to the magazine covers...oh, yeah. Fashion. Some days I wish we never progressed past the chemise and dress stage. Two pieces. Put them on. Done. Of course, there would always be some smart-ass who decided she wanted a different color dress. And then some needle-quick hussy would decorate her dress with embroidery...

And lastly, way lastly, we have the celebrity component. Here's what I think: I don't care whether they're sleeping with six men, a goat, and a turtle. I don't want to know. I don't care if they're snorting cocaine, Lysol, or catnip. That's their problem and unfortunately their family's. I don't care if they're wearing really ugly clothes, a bikini, or whether they dye their hair purple. They're human beings who are sometimes paid ridiculous amounts of money for stupid talents.

When are we going to honor people for honest achievements and contributions to society? What about the woman who gives her time and love to foster children? What about the teacher who inspires kids to learn? What about the fireman who goes where others flee?

Put them on the covers and maybe, just maybe I'll buy your magazine. Maybe.



  1. Too true Anny!

    "There is nothing new."

    Alot of these articles about sex generalize what is personal taste that you could find out by..asking him! It's always very focused on pleasing the man and dissecting with the skill of a detective what he may want, or claiming some breakthrough that's a rehash of the last 7 articles.
    You hit the nail on the head.

  2. favorite article title ever-scanned as I was standing in checkout line with dh. It said "how to seduce a man into bed." I looked at Dh and asked, "don't you just say, all right?" He answered with a shrug. "Works for me."

  3. My favorite line? The woman asks the man how he likes his seduction... and he says, "Just show up."

  4. I like the response "Just be naked":)

    And I really care who Tiger/Brad/Tom/Dick/Harry is sleeping with or not!

    I DID buy People last week to see Bret Michaels' story!

  5. I agree - there is nothing new. You've covered all the topics - weight loss, sex, celebrities, fashion. That's about it.