Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ah, the vocabulary. Men don't have boobs. They have moobs. And bromances. And manscapes. They have mirdles and mansierres and are metrosexuals. Mantyhose and manscara are available for the truly well-rounded male. Think I'm kidding? One word. Google.

So, what is it all about?

Culturally, where are we going with this? Will there be a true reversion back to the days when men wore some version of the skirt and women wore pants? After all, gender wise, it would make more sense that way. And up through the sixteen hundreds, men were quite eager to display their peacockish ways.

There are a lot of women who really drool over a fellow in a kilt. I suspect that was part of the appeal of my Mystic Valley books. Every single male in the valley wore the kilt-like sharda. Yummmm.

There are several kilt companies out there that cater to the modern man who loves his kilts. Utilikilts even produce kilts for the fellows who want to wear them on construction jobs. Imagine the opportunities to find out what a man really wears under his kilt! I suspect it is NOT a mirdle.

How do you feel about the shift in gender wear?



  1. My personal belief is people should wear what makes 'em comfortable. I make no judgements.

  2. I'm with Jones, they should wear what makes them comfortable. There are probably clothing companies out there that cater to those men comfortable enough to don a skirt. Maybe they have an undershirt/man bra that would give them uplifted, perky pecs;-)

  3. Actually, they do. There's an entire line of perky pecs undershirts!

  4. The body requires a certain relentlessness to maintain peak physical shape... even those who do work out can find themselves looking a bit puffy and saggy if circumstance (deadlines, extra hours, family commitments) keep them from the gym for a week or two. Proud pecs can rapidly become saggy nip sacks and that's where pragmatism and fashion meet in the Mirdle compression shirts or belly buster style underwear.

    Nice to read the more enlightened and laissez faire attitudes of your other readers. They're going into my favourite people box...

    BTW: As kids, for a laugh, me and a bunch of classmates scrambled under the stage where a Scottish military band, all decked out in kilts, were performing. We were determined to find out whether the myths were true by gazing up through the cracks in the floor. The collection of greying, moth-eaten Y-fronts (and occasional squished man bits) we saw would have looked far better replaced by a tidy pair of mirdle underwear.

    Oh the nightmares faded in time... ;-)

  5. I think most of these man accessories have always existed in some form or the other but we didn't talk about them. There are stories of vain Lords in France and England who wore corsetts of a type to hold in their girth. They wore hose and tights and high heels.

    And yes, kilts are sexy.

  6. Mirdle, I'm delighted you stopped by! As an old married woman (40 years +) I'm well acquainted with the head to toe sagging--both genders!

    I suspect the vast majority of us could benefit from mirdles and girdles. Until I started googling the various masculine equivalents last evening, I wasn't even aware of the vast variety of undergarments out there targeted specifically to men.

    As far as I'm concerned anything that makes a body more comfortable and feel better is great. I know one gentleman in particular who is looking for support mantyhose...

  7. I am very partial to a man in a kilt. Even an ugly man looks good in a kilt. I have no idea why that is. I think it's the accent. If a man has a Scottish brogue, all else is forgotten. I just close my eyes and let his voice wash over me...
    Athletes wear a lot of female clothing - girdles, panty hose - helps them perform.

  8. You forgot my son's favorite--guy-liner. Even if he steals my black eyeliner pencil, it instantly becomes Guy-liner. Of course he also steals my earrings and occasionally wears a kilt. I even buy them for him. Oh--and his girlfriend likes them too.