Monday, May 10, 2010

Truth or Lie?

I've been nominated by a number of people for the most recent blog tagging but I'll link to the first one to nominate me and it'll have to do for the rest... Amarinda Jones. You can view my fancy new award in the upper right of my sidebar.

So here's the deal. I'm supposed to list seven things about myself. Six must be true OR six must be false. You may guess which is which. I'm ALSO supposed to tag seven more people to do this, but it's tooooo early in the morning for that and besides, my body aches from playing too much Wii bowling yesterday. So, here goes.

1) I'm really a tall red-headed blue woman with pointy ears and fangs, sent here to check out the men on your planet. However, since your men tend to panic when I show up, I wear my current disguise so I don't scare them too much.

2) My favorite after dinner treat is a Cuban cigar. Unfortunately after my visit with Fidel, he refuses to send me any more. I still maintain he's prejudiced against blue people.

3) I was born on the planet Elyria. Sigh. With all the tri-marriages going on there, we now have a shortage of men. I'm taking lists of volunteers. If you're interested, raise your... hand.

4) My favorite flowers are dandelions. I would settle for an iris or a rose, but dandelions are edible and self-sowing so I'd rather have them.

5) Dragons make the best house pets. Percy, my green one was perfect until he grew too big. I suspect he ate too many dandelions.

6) I once had a family of scorpions for pets. I made the mistake of taking them to school and lost them. Or it could be the school authorities were prejudiced against scorpions.

7) My favorite outfit is my black leather motorcycle duds. My neighbor Jane thinks I look hot in them. Of course, it could be the high-heeled boots...



  1. Poor Percy! Wherever did he go once he was homeless? You could have sent him to me--we have LOTS of dandelions for him to eat.

  2. Especially hot when you take out the purple and yellow striped "hog".


  3. I think that you do indeed like dandelions! It's the kind of flower you would appreciate!

  4. I heard Jane had a 'thing' for leather...