Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Friendship Forever

I have several friends going through some terribly tough times right now. There are a lot of people going through bad times all over the world so I expect all of you have friends in the same types of situations. They need help or sometimes just a listening ear. Yet, they don't call or e-mail or post it on their blog.

Instead, this is what they say... I didn't want to bother anyone.

Here's the deal. In friendship, there is no bothering. Otherwise you wouldn't be friends, you know? Some people think that love is God's greatest gift. I think that's not quite right. I think friendship is his greatest gift. And if we're fortunate it turns into love--whether platonic or not.

I'm not talking about self-centered friendship here where you're only friends for what one of you can gain from the other. I'm talking about friendship where you know the other person well enough to tell them they're a pain in the ass. It's the kind of friendship where you can tell them their favorite dress is the ugliest piece of fabric on earth. Or that hair color makes them look like a hooker on main street.

When you have that kind of friendship, their pain is your pain and their sorrow is your sorrow. Inconvenience isn't even a word in your vocabulary because you would do whatever you could to smooth their path.

Huh. That sounds an awful lot like love.


PS: Several of my friends have had birthdays in the last few weeks! So Happy Birthday to Jane, Cindy, and Rita! Many, many more!


  1. Yeah, not good at sharing. Sorry. I don't mind being shared upon, though. I know it's a double standard, but sometimes I don't want to hear my woes again. It's like I'm giving them power. Can't do that.

  2. So very, very true! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Yes - but a real friend does not burden another with their problems. No point making two people miserable...though I will do the hooker thing...

  4. Heh. When you really are down on your knees, then I hope you'll ask!

    I live to be burdened by my friends...

  5. Some of us simply don't know how to ask yet would do absolutely anything for you.

    Very well put!

  6. Just catching up on the blogs - been busy with the square dance lessons. Thanks so much for your patience and enduring support over and over again. By the way, the birthday is to give me a day to count the ONE gray hair I add each year and make sure it shows.

    Love and thanks,