Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Monday

So it's Monday again! Why do weekends go by so quickly? And why do they go by so slowly? On the one hand, I get absolutely no writing done on the weekends. On the other hand, there never seems to be enough time to get all the other work done on the weekend. Why does it work that way?

Monday is my day to re-read everything I've written the week before, regardless of the number of works in progress. Sometimes that's one. Sometimes, unable to settle down, I've worked on several different things so there are multiple wips to read and contemplate. Monday is the day I decide whether of not to change directions or delete work or radically revise stuff. Then on Tuesday morning I plunge into the fray again.

Since I'm at the beginning of three different wips, there's not a lot to re-read, though there is a lot to ponder. Already I can tell that all three stories are going to take sharp turns away from my planned story line. Sigh. I have the most contrary characters in the world.

So enough about me... What do you have planned for the week? Anyone going away for the fourth of July holiday? If not, what do you usually do?

Finally, today is my grandson's second birthday. He's two today. Happy Birthday, Brandyn!



  1. Ah, I hope you're little grandson had a perfect birthday.

    Mm. I'm always ready for Monday. There are just TOO MANY people around on weekends and I crave my alone time. Have a ms. to edit tomorrow and hopefully send off and then I'm deciding between two WIP's. Trending toward the paranormal I think.

    Let's just have a great, productive week.

  2. Monday was pukeable as per the will be less pukeable by Thursday afternoon

  3. Nope, no plans. Just going to see what life may hold.

  4. As always you are so well organized. I write my to-do list the night before. But there is always someone with an emergency and I will have to adjust. Right now I'm in deep First Edits and babysitting the grandchildren as my daughter is lying down with a backproblem.

  5. My MIL is taking us shopping. I am to have a new top. Works for me. Then she's coming with me and Scott on our anniversary dinner (don't ask why. I don't know. But we are celebrating 13 years). Tomorrow I have a book signing in Woodbury, MN after which I'm driving north with a friend to spend three days at a cabin with the three of us talking shop. Then back to the cities for the fourth. We leave MN early next week.

    Also, writing, business, research. Websites... etc etc etc.

  6. Happiest Birthday wishes to the little one.

    This week will be my wallow-in-self-pity week. I am laid off after 3.30pm today. So I will probably spend the next few days mopey, then pick myself up and start writing like a grown up. I hope.


  7. Aw, Happy belated birthday to your grandson. :D