Friday, June 6, 2008

Procrastination is good for the soul...

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow...

We've been "doing laundry" for about a week now. I suppose this afternoon we'll finally pack up the laundry hampers and go to the laundromat. One day there was a legitimate reason--we seemed to be in the midst of a mini-hurricane. Apparently, a tornado actually touched down somewhere in the vicinity. Certainly we had enough wind and rain to make it incredibly dangerous to be out and about.

Yesterday I had some banking to take care of. It took about an hour longer than I planned. And that was later than I had any desire to be washing clothes at the laundromat.

Today, we've run out of excuses... except I really, really hate to do laundry. I wonder if my househunk would do the laundry so I could write? Do you suppose that would be sufficient reason for him to do that? Nah, probably not.

Perhaps I would be more motivated if I actually needed clean clothes, but the truth is I don't have to get dressed everyday so I don't need that many t-shirts and shorts to get by. I have enough clean undies to get me through the next week or two...or three...

Maybe I should buy the house hunk more underwear!

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  1. You have hit on the solution - buy more underwear or be like an EC hero or heroine and go commando

  2. Oh yes, what AJ said, definitely. I saw the tornado sightings on the news this week and wondered if they were anywhere near you. Good that you put safety above laundry.

  3. Except then when you actually have to go clean all those undies, you will be there even LONGER.

    A friend of mine has a rich acquaintance who buys undies, wears them once and throws them away. He did this at a casino on vacation. When he got back, he found that the industrius maid had picked them out of the trash and mailed them back to him. Ewwwwwww.

  4. Now that's gross...

    Laundry is the one chore I actually like. Probably because growing up, that was the chore that paid the most! Everything else was 25 cents; mom paid us a quarter to load the washer, a quarter to put stuff in the dryer, but 50 cents to fold and put away! Therefore, the more loads washed, the 'richer' the piggy bank:)

  5. I don't mind laundry. Sweeping and dishes I'd gladly pay someone else to do. Whenever I get industrious we always discover clothes we forgot we actually had. That makes it sort of a treat.