Thursday, August 6, 2009


Life is a series of detours and short cuts and wide open interstates. In my experience there are always changes, usually just when you get comfortable with your status. Funny thing about those changes... we usually protest, kicking and screaming, even when the changes appear to be beneficial.

We observe the world around us through the glasses of our current events. Last night I was taking part in a chat on one of the reader loops where much of the conversation centered around children leaving home for the first time to attend college or enter the military. While I have my own memories of that time with my children, those memories are long past. I have dealt with the anxieties and uncertainties of children leaving home and learned exactly how little control we exert as parents once our children leave the nest.

Yet, it is impossible to share that knowledge with another parent. Like most life's experiences, its something each of us must learn on our own.

With every rotation of the earth, inevitably changes arrive, some small and unnoticed, some huge and life-altering. How we adjust to the changes will determine how content we are with life. The changes themselves do not determine happiness, but our adaptability to our new circumstances.

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown


PS: I'm featured at the Sex Talk for Wicked Women Blog today!