Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time Out

I've come to the conclusion that I'm in time out. Evidently, my brain has decided that writing is much too hard and decided to take a vacation. It's for sure that nothing much has been accomplished in the last few weeks.

Some days I feel like writing is harder than walking around the block--and believe me, that is very hard for me. Walking to the pool is a major undertaking. Walking around the block would be... an epic journey.

Writing when you have a fuzzy frozen brain is kind of like crocheting blindfolded. With enough perseverance you might complete a project, but it sure wouldn't be pretty. I feel like I'm crocheting blindfolded AND left handed.

So what's a writer to do? I'm taking a time out. That's right. You know when a referee blows the whistle and a team takes a time out? Everything stops while the team works out a new plan. Well, I'm taking time to work on a new plan.

In the meantime, I'm catching up on my reading. And working on beading projects for RomantiCon in October. And resting. And spending time with the grandkids. And some days, I'm even peering at my notes and research for various projects. But very little writing is happening and I've finally given myself permission for that time out.

How about you? What do you do when you need a time out?



  1. I think you are smart to take a time out because you will come back betetr than ever. Your body and brain knows when you have had enough. You know what I think - your writing is beyond the e-book market. When you are ready - push it further because you are one of the few writers I know that can make it

  2. I'm catching up on my TBR piles, because my brain has taken a time out too.

  3. I read a lot too. Mostly I freak out, way more than I should, but yeah, at some point, you just have to let your brain refresh.

  4. This happens to most of us, I think. Overload! I usually read and catch up on errands.