Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Go on without me...

It's the classic scene in movies and books. Someone is wounded--usually badly--and they pant out, "Go on without me..." right before they pass out--or die. Obviously, they just don't have the strength to go on. That's exactly how I feel.

Yesterday I started to reclaim my life as a writer. I won't proclaim an instant success. However, I opened one of my wips and started working on it. It was hard. I had to re-read it from the very first sentence just to remember what I'd written so long ago. I think I might have added another hundred words today. Not a lot, but one must start somewhere.

A few have asked how the inspection went. As far as I know, it was fine. Strange, but fine. Today is another day, hopefully a more peaceful day.

Darkness is falling earlier each night. A possible tropical cyclone may venture near our coast this coming weekend. Halloween candy is in the stores. All signs that fall is approaching quickly. Soon the winter darkness will close in.

Contrary to many of my friends, I find the winter darkness comforting. I like being able to drink cocoa and curl up with a good book and my afghan on the sofa. Oh, yeah, I forgot my fluffy socks. Perhaps I'm part Eskimo.

Writing seems to go better in the winter, too. There isn't as much to distract me, nor so many things to do. This year for the first time in many years, I'll begin the winter with a tan. Somehow, that feels strange. Its as though I'm not quite myself.

In any case, my hiatus is as end. Hopefully, I'll finish the Naughty Nooner (free read from EC) sometime this week so I can send it off to my editor. And then of course there are the other half dozen things I'm working on. A futuristic romance, a fantasy romance, and a vampire love story among others. Sigh. So much to do...


Happy Birthday, Hunk! I love you. Many, many more!


  1. I find I get my best writing done from January to May. There are few distractions. I seem to start a decline from there. LOL Summer is okay. Fall not so bad. But December is a write off. It's good to know yourself.

    Good luck with your writing!

  2. I'm with you, Anny. Winter is my best time to write, I get a lot more done then. And in Minnesota, that's a good thing since it lasts from October to April.

    I do manage to get a book done in the summer, but I spend a lot more time re-writing and editing because I'm so all-over-the-map with gardening, long walks, picnics, etc.

    Bring on the fall. Blizzards can wait, but autumn is okay by me.

  3. I adore winters. The best time of the year to cuddle up and keep to yourself.

    Glad the inspection went well. When will you know, or won't they tell you unless something is wrong? Either way, here's to peace and getting your writer-mode back in gear.

  4. I tend to hibernate during the winter months too:)

    Happy birthday to the house hunk:)

  5. Happy Birthday to the hh!

    And good luck on the short story. You can do it!

  6. So glad the inspection was painless! Also very glad you're back to work.

  7. I love winter! So much I want to move north to have more of it.