Thursday, August 13, 2009

I is naked...

Sigh. There are some things in life that we just shouldn't have to cope with. Yesterday I went shopping with Jane at the Walmart. We had occasion to sort of stroll by the ladies clothing department so we could check out the jeans.

Now for years--at least ten, probably more like fifteen years--I have worn the White Stag brand of pants, tops, skirts, even swimwear from Walmart. Their sizing is totally consistent, the quality is top notch and most importantly, the clothing does not scream fat lady clothes at the top of its lungs.

You know the clothes I mean... right? Those ugly clothes that fit poorly, are designed by a demented elephant and emphasize every bump, lump and bulge on your body. That's Walmart's new "brand".

White Stag's designs, on the other hand, are regular women's clothing in larger sizes. You might find yourself standing next to a tiny little woman dressed in the identical shirt you were wearing. Or jeans. Or jacket. The White Stag sizes ran from Small through 4X.

Let me tell you--no skinny woman would be caught dead wearing the new plus-sized clothing line from Walmart. And if no skinny woman would wear them (because they're incredibly circus tent ugly), why should I?

You know? I just hate when I find something that fits and then it's discontinued. Every single time I find a bra that fits, they quit making that style. When I settle on a comfortable pair of shoes, I automatically buy two identical pairs because as sure as God made little green apples, they're gonna discontinue that line of shoes.

Why can't they just leave well enough alone??? Who are these people that make these decisions anyway?

I wrote to Walmart and told them exactly how I feel. And pointed out that unfortunately, I would not be buying my clothes from Walmart anymore. Now I know I'm only one person, but as they say, every journey begins with one step. I'm walkin'.



  1. Hey, babe! I don't buy from WalMart because their clothes don't fit me. LOL! I buy Chic jeans from Shopko, and now they are not stocking them! They aren't really "jeans". They are nice-looking black twill/denim slacks that fit me perfectly. I buy cotton pullover T-style shirts from Shopko. They didn't have them this time. I have dozens of high-quality dressy things I have had for years (fat lady clothes never go out of style) but I normally wear my Shopko "chic".

  2. Good for you Anny. Hopefully other people will follow your lead. To me it smacks of discrimination. The world is full of plus size people who have every right to look as good as anyone else. If Walmart was in Oz, I'd boycott them on principle

  3. It only takes one person to start a rally. I'm sure you're not alone, Anny. It's a shame that they discontinued the line.

  4. Never understood why they think that size affects your taste in clothing. Been looking for a decent jean jacket for years, can never find one my size that doesn't have sequins or something. Arrrggghhh!

  5. Good for you! Hope people that feel the same follow your lead. Have you gone on line to see if you could order direct?

  6. Anny,
    I hear ya! Every time I find a comfortable bra they discontinue the style--and this has happened with more than one brand!

    As for Wally World, it's hit and miss with the clothes. Several years ago I found the most wonderful White Stag linen pants and shirts and they're still in pretty good shape! Haven't found them since or anything comparable. And I have to agree with you, everything I've seen in the clothing department lately is butt ugly and the sizes are inconsistent.

    Good luck finding something you like and I'm with you, just keep writing those letters.

  7. For Pete's more White Stag? I have their stuff, too. Just when you think you're safe with one clothing brand, they switch to something else and leave you stranded.
    I've always like Alfred Dunner stuff. Got it in a nearby store like Macy's. When they built a new store closer to me, I went to look for AD clothes there. Nope. Nada. This store doesn't carry THAT brand...only the store further away. Why? They only carry higher-priced clothing lines.
    So...I don't shop in the one closer to me.
    Bottom line: Don't mess with a woman and her favorite line of clothing.
    Now I've gotta look for White Stag stuff elsewhere, too.
    Great blog.

  8. And here I thought I was the only one with the bra issue! Good to know I'm not alone after all!

    I just hope Land's End never goes out of business...that's where I've been getting my jeans. Used to be Eddie Bauer, but the stores closed. Sometimes I can find what I want at Kohl's, and once in a great while, Maurice's. Discovered they carry plus-sixes:)

    But Walmart? Only the shirts, and clothing for kids under age 12.

  9. For Women's stuff, I tend to shop Jessica London's catalogue. They have cute stuff, well made, at a very good price.Cindy, they could fix you up with that jean jacket.
    Bras? Now THAT'S a problem for me. I'll find the perfect one and later it's GONE. Pisses me off. BTW...I like the White Stag brand too. Well made and a good price.

  10. Have you noticed they discontinue women's items constantly? Men can go back and buy exactly the same pair of gym shoes or jeans or underwear year after year. Every time I go back looking for something I like, it's gone.

    Makeup is the worst. I finally found the perfect under eye concealer for my dark shadows and mascara for my short straight lashes, and when I went back the next time, they'd been replaced by a bunch of other stuff I had to play Russian roulette with.

    I think it's a way of making us spend more money. I stand by my assertion that men just have it way easier and cheaper!

  11. I'm not the best shopper as there's something about entering a Walmart that causes me to have an immediate panic attack, but I do like to shop certain brands online. It's so much easier! Once I find a pair of jeans that fit - I stick with the brand. I cannot imagine why a retailer or a designer thinks that a plus size woman wants to wear a shapeless sack. How insulting!

  12. You tell 'em Anny. And I totally agree. Most plus sizes are butt ugly and should be hauled off to the nearest bonfire.