Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Those days...

We've all had one of those days... you know the day that you should have just rolled over and gone back to sleep? That was yesterday. First of all, I had to get up early. My daughter needed a wee bit of money to tide her over. I deliberately set it up online so I could transfer money without going to the bank. Small thing in fine print... it takes a minimum of three days.

So I hied meself off to the bank bright and early. Except the bank has changed hours and doesn't open until TEN. Then the lady that helped me had never done a wire transfer so she told me I had to wait for another lady. And that lady was sort of spaced out as it was her last day at work. Sigh. Finally had the transfer done.

Went home, loaded the car and went off to the laundromat. You know how much I love doing laundry. Enough said. Then I straggled in to discover the maintenance man was back to finally fix our sink.

After he left I collapsed in a chair.

For five minutes. And then it was up and at 'em because there's still a lot of stuff to finish up in the next two days. At which point my daughter's family will descend upon us for a short time while they get resettled in their new apartment/job/schools here in Maryland. Uh-huh. Fortunately, it will be a very short visit, but you know how these things are.

In the meantime, back at the ranch... I will get back to writing next week. This cleaning jag has been good for me.

My big score yesterday was a basket full of travel sized shampoos, body wash, etc. A basket of them. When on earth will I use all of them?

Also solved the case of the missing razor cartridges. I now have enough to keep me baby smooth for about six months. If I'm so inclined.

And I found $2.37 in change in one of my purses. Instantly I set about checking out my other empty purses, but only found an additional six pennies. Alas. I'm not going to find untold wealth in my purses.

Other miscellany... a stash of hi-lighters in a variety of colors, two more rulers, another pair of scissors, a package of large safety pins and four large packages of cotton swabs. I can now clean my ears in perfect peace, knowing that I'm good to go until next year sometime.

Who knows what I'll unearth tomorrow? I must admit that I'm beginning to enjoy the anticipation in a sick kind of way. Definitely time to get back to the writing...



  1. Jeez...you have all the excitement

  2. My house is eating paper. We've managed to lose at least three important documents in the past 3 years, more recently being K's football schedule! I'm about to start unloading every single shelf in the house. This is insane!

    Hmmmm...I think I sense a story here...heroine who stashes hilighters, Q-tips, and shampoo samples...McGuyver makeup???

  3. the girls will LOVE the shampoo samples--probably also the highlighters.

  4. LOL! Is this deja vu or what? I have 42 guest-sized soaps from my condo (I take every one that has been used when I leave because otherwise they toss them), and tiny little shampoo, conditioner, and lotion that has most of it still there, plus every shower cap. I am NOT a packrat. I simply abhor waste. :P