Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Heroes are all around us. Sometimes in the most unlikely places.

Take, for instance, this fellow. His name is Dwight and he's the lifeguard at our pool. Here, he's in the water (on his break) playing with C, our neighbor and D (in the vest).

They had a splashing war that went on for about half an hour. The kids love him.

He's soft spoken, but every kid down at the pool listens when he says, "Jump."

Here's a heroine named Jane. Not many people would play with the neighbor's granddaughters, but Jane's up for almost anything, including a group picture with T (on the left) and D (on the right).
No wonder the first thing they say is "We love you, Jane."

Dwight--perfectly willing to mug for the camera.

Judah--who thought I really wouldn't take the pic! He had a "race" with T. And gave her a couple pointers with her swimming.

T. and Jane hanging out. Any adult who spends time mentoring kids is a hero in my book.



  1. You've got that right! It's important for kids to find adults to look up to. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. I agree, Anny! And looks like lots of fun was had!

  3. Agreed! Looks like some great young people, and a good deal of fun.

  4. Agreed 100%! She's an amazing person for doing so!