Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Dawn on the road. There's a special feeling to dawn when you're traveling, regardless of the season. It heralds the promise of a bright shiny day with new possibilities.

When you're at home you don't feel the same anticipation you do on the road. You believe there's nothing new to look forward to. And you're busy, busy, busy rushing off to work or all the other obligations that fill your life.

We usually started our journey for the day in the dark. Somehow, there's nothing blacker than the hour right before dawn. It seems to take forever for the sky to lighten even a tiny bit. Then the gray half-light fills the air, tricking us into believing we can discern our surroundings with clarity when it actually adds yet another layer of murkiness to the landscape. We stare out the window straining to make out the shadows on the side of the road.

Abruptly, with startling speed, the sun tips over the horizon shattering the darkness.

The dark times in life are like that. Dark, dark, dark, bare lightening of the darkness around us, then brilliant light--so bright we squint our eyes against it in wondering disbelief. Is it really over? Is the night behind us? It takes us a moment to accept the brilliant light all around us.

Oh, there will be another time of darkness. That is inevitable because that's just life. But when we're inundated with darkness I suspect we forget the most important thing...dawn is on its way.


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  1. Much as I hate being awake at dawn, it is something special to watch.

    Sorry to miss your chat tonight, darn it!

  2. The brillance of the dawn is captured beautifully in this blog

  3. Wow. Thank you Abigail-Madison! I appreciate that.

  4. I love mornings. I drive my daughter to school most mornings. It's a long drive. Her school is a half an hour away. She may be switching schools and the new school is 45 minutes away. But I like the drive. Everything looks fresh and new at that time of day. There is such a sense of possibility. Like, just maybe, I won't screw this day up like I have so many others. :)