Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Map? What's that?

Once upon a time maps were considered indispensable. If you wanted to go somewhere--across the street or across the country--you checked a map to determine the best route. Now they have these new-fangled things called GPS's. Enter the destination address and you're in business...except when the GPS leads you down a dead end road in the middle of the mountains.

I'm one of those annoying individuals who has a built in GPS for the most part. When the house hunk and I were married about six months we decided to drive to Arizona to see my grandparents. Since we lived in Chicago at the time, it was no short jaunt. We were about two hours out of Chicago when the hunk asked me to check the map for our next route change.

"What map?"

"The atlas we used to plan the trip."

"We didn't bring it."

"What do you mean we didn't bring it? How are we supposed to know how to get there without our maps?" (At this point, he was getting a tad irritated.)

"I know how to get there. I'll tell you when to change."

"You'll probably get us lost!"

"No, I won't!" (Conversation then degenerated to various uncomplimentary epithets.)

Three days later--without the aid of a map or unplanned detours--we pulled into my grandparents driveway. I don't believe he's forgiven me yet and we've been married over forty years now. Apparently, some things are unforgivable. Driving across country without a map must be one of them...



  1. I have a great sense of direction, but I have to drive there at least once to figure it out. :) I couldn't do what you did.

  2. Me too! As long as I'm not in an underground parking garage, in which case my internal compass malfunctions, I can get us anywhere!