Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bean Bread and Pumpkins

Went for my quarterly doctor's visit and normal donation to the daytime vampires. And of course, I had to get on the scale. To my deep shock and amazement, I actually lost a pound. However...a pound is not enough when the sugar hovers high and the blood pressure is creeping up. 

So, once again, I'm tweaking the food plan, hoping to hit on the magic solution that allows me to eat without tramping on my pancreas and liver. After much research, I'm aiming at reducing the gluten in my diet and upping the protein. It's a fine, narrow bridge I trod. So much of the gluten free products available are not soy free.

Soy is considered the magic bean by many people who go the vegan way. The problem is if an individual is taking thyroid meds, soy screws around with the way the meds work. So soy is out. 

Corn syrup derivatives are out. Try looking at the contents on any pre-packaged food. The producers use a lot of different names for the corn syrup family, but it's all the same thing--and much worse for most diabetics than plain old sugar cane. For me? Whoa, Nellie. Corn products shoot my sugar through the roof.

Chemicals. Check your labels, folks. We're walking chemical factories. If you didn't grow it yourself from heirloom seeds, then likely it's been fiddled with by the GMO folks. That's genetically modified and your meat products (unless it's free range) has been stuffed with hormones.

So the house hunk and I went "shopping". Mostly, we were checking prices so we could make adjustments in the grocery budget. The three items we actually found were three-to-four times the price of the "regular" food. The rest of the stuff on our list was unavailable in our area. 

So. Food recommendations are swell. But if it's unavailable or priced so high you can't afford to buy it, then effectively those particular changes are not possible. 

I'm in the process of modifying the food list. A bit of this. A tad of that. And we'll see what happens. First on the list. Adding a lot of veggies to my diet. We'll see how it goes. Pumpkin Stone Age Bread and Carrot/Bean Bread. Stir-fries. Limited red meat. (And that's a problem as I'm allergic to chicken.)


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  1. I have that issue with diet recommendations as well. Frustrating.