Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chat, chat, chat...

What's a chat? I suppose there are lots of different definitions, depending on the host/hostess. In my case, I post excerpts from my current/backlist. I "talk" to readers and authors who show up for the chat.

And I encourage published authors to share an excerpt--or two with the rest of us. I believe in "paying it forward" when promoting other authors. 

Is publishing a cut-throat business? It can be--if we permit that. Or we can humanize the business by supporting our fellow authors. So if you are a published member of the Love Romances Cafe Yahoo loop--or if you sign up by this afternoon--you're more than welcome to come "chat" with us and showcase an excerpt of your work.

I'll be sharing some excerpts from Shadows on Stone. And maybe a sneak peek or two...


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