Tuesday, August 14, 2012


There are few things I hate more than being the subject of a photographer...especially the amateur family photographers. If there's a way to make me appear more obese, tired, drunk, stupid, insane, or OLD, the family photographer will succeed. They cheerfully lop off the top of my head, focus in on my belly and boobs, give me red devil eyes, catch me yawning, or with my eyes half closed.

Here's what I want to say to all amateur photographers--especially the family ones. Choose your shots. Really look at the composition of your photo. And try to--please try to--make it a photo the subject will enjoy looking at over and over.

Smiles? No, you don't need a smile. Grin? Nope. Too darn scary. Try to remember the individual(s) are people with their own set of insecurities. Choose the most flattering shot you can. And I repeat!!! Smiles are not necessary. Sometimes the more beautiful shot shows an entirely different expression. What are you trying to capture? Love? Wisdom? Joy? Comradery?

I've looked at photos recently from several romance writers conferences. Inevitably, there are groups of people, dressed in odd outfits, some obviously inebriated, smiling at the camera. I can tell you what the intelligent ones are thinking.

"I sure hope this pic doesn't show up on Facebook. Or Twitter. Pinterest. My publisher's website..." If you want to really represent your publisher, your fellow writers, your fans in the best way possible, then pick and choose your shots. And don't post pictures that show them at less than their best.

Have you ever spent some time looking at old photos? I mean the really old ones? Have you ever noticed how the people are striving to look their best? Photography was important. It was a way to capture their image for future posterity. I think we've forgotten that with the ease of capturing images now.


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  1. I hate photographs of myself. My husband has the uncanny ability to make me look awful while my daughter makes me look like me. I run from the camera when my husband wields it.