Sunday, August 12, 2012

I wonder...

I'm not a political analyst or a conspiracy theorist. I suppose you could best call me an observist. I read a lot. When things capture my attention I track down multiple sources on the same subject until I'm a) satisfied or b) convinced there's no way to access the truth.

I have to wonder about some things, especially as we race up to the election of 2012. For instance, who do you suppose is really controlling the media in this country? I understand all about competition and advertising paying for television coverage. Dollars. Dollars run the system. But what's the point??? Are they competing to see who can provide the dumbest, most apathetic, least concise coverage? Is that it? If so, then I, for one would be happy to flip a coin and declare a winner so we could go back to some grown up news. Of course, the drug companies would need to rack up the production of Xanax to calm down all the people who finally wake up.

A friend and I were discussing JFK. Now there's a real conspiracy moment. Right? But you know? I have to wonder how such a large, rich, influential family could possibly have such bad luck. Really. Assassinations, plane crashes, car crashes, assorted other sad deaths. Makes you wonder at the timing of some of those events...

Or the Chick-Fil-A circus. I found it fascinating that no one looked around to see who benefited from the tempest in the chicken bucket. Really? The CEO didn't make any NEW moves. So why was it suddenly an issue? Who needed to redirect the citizen's attention away from a hot topic? And was the sacrifice of the Chick-Fil-A hole card effective? Was it worth it? Because once you use that card, you can't use it again...

I wonder how many citizens really understand that our Congress runs the country--not the President. There's a lot of yelling and screaming about what the President is doing but, hello! I don't see any impeachment proceedings going on. They do have that power if what he's doing is illegal. So...that must mean it's all just hunky-dory with them. And that provides additional food for thought then. If it's all right with them, all the hollering is just so much smoke and mirrors.'s a play generated for the citizen's benefit.

And that leads me to another thing I wonder about. How is it that no matter who wins, their agenda/plan sort of disappears when they get in the White House? I've been watching Presidents come and Presidents go for over fifty years. One thing I've noticed. No significant changes are generated without the stamp of approval of the Congress. None. Everything just rolls along down the same path it was on with the previous fellow. I wonder if the candidates really understand they're mostly figureheads?

In the meantime, we don't hear much about the wiley-coyote Congressmen/women and what their up to. I bet 90% of the citizenry can not name their representatives or senators. And I bet they don't have a clue about their voting record. I further believe that many have no clue about where their congressman stands on any of the issues they (the citizens) hold important.

How many days per year does your congressman work? Find out. You might be surprised. Furthermore, if you look at the voting records you might be shocked at how often the votes have nothing to do with party lines. Ooops! We're not supposed to have access to that info. More smoke and mirrors. Could it be we really don't have a two party system?



  1. Well, dearling, being from Utah, I can't avoid knowing who my reps are (no matter how worthless they may be)and what their voting records are. And as for straight party-line voting, yup...they do that. I am surprised that they don't come outfitted with puppet strings and the full political paraphernalia.

    I have been a Demican/Republicrat all my life. I don't think along strict party lines, but I do tend to get a bit cranky when the ones who shell out the most money have the most power. Power corrupts. My favorite old time movie is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Many newbie politicians get to the Capitol and find that they are stripped of all their ability to think without following someone else's lead. The "junior" Congressmen and Senators have to "work their way up"...which means they must show how wiling they are to follow the leader. If they don't toe tha6t line, they are out the door. When a Senior Congressman or Senator starts questioning the Party lines and propaganda, they soon find another person walking into their office...sorta like being swept under the political carpet.

    It's supposed to be a Democracy...yet those who enter Washington with any hopes and dreams soon find themselves being pounded into round holes to smooth out those pesky square corners they came with.

    Politics is an ugly game, and the players are often out of the game if they don't run with the "big" dogs. It takes far more than strength of character to make a difference in takes guts, courage, money, and a lot of clout. Unfortunately, most of us who believe in honesty, integrity, and charity to our fellow humans wouldn't last long in such a place. And that is sad...

  2. Politics is, unfortunately, ultimately corrupting. The nature of the beast.
    And the Chick-fil-A tempest in a teapot? Don't get me started.