Friday, August 17, 2012

Brave New Worlds

So. Finished, edited, revised, and submitted Spear of Retribution. Now it's on to something else. Another story, another world...or maybe just a new story in one of the worlds I've already created.

I was thinking earlier today about how I used to spend hours as a teenager planning what kind of house I wanted when I grew up. I'd draw floor plans and decide exactly where the furniture would be placed. As I recall, one house had seventy rooms. Good thing I grew up and acquired some sense. What woman in her right mind wants seventy rooms in her house?

Do you ever think the Queen of England might wish she has a cottage by the sea? I figure the reason she's in such good shape is because she has to walk so far to get from one side of the castle to the other. Just think, she never has to worry about exercising in the rain or snow.

The real reason I write is because I'm a frustrated creator. I can't change huge parts of my current world, but I can totally control any world I create. I could make it a beach world full of sand. Or a world filled with mountains. Lots of water. No water. Purple trees. Green sky. Strange animals. No snakes. Or bugs. Pink clouds. Two men to every woman. Or visa versa.

The sky's the limit.

Or I could decide to have flying mountains or floating continents.

The thing is, once you decide what your new world will look like, then you have to decide how that world affects how your characters will act and live. Do they live underground? Or in the sea? Or on one of the flying mountains?

Ah, yes. Time to write a new story. Where will it be?


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  1. Queen Elizabeth has led a sheltered life where everything has been done for her so it's not like she's been hard done by at any stage of her life is it now?

    Good news on Spear.