Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crying Wolf

Like a lot of people, I've been watching the Weather Channel coverage of Tropical Storm Isacc. It might turn into a hurricane. It might not. It might strike...somewhere. Maybe.

Now I admit, I don't have cable television so the Weather Channel's coverage on there might be more balanced. But I doubt it. I've watched the channel since it's inception way back when. It used to be the coverage was wide-spread--until the last day before landfall. Up to that point, you heard about the weather all over the country.

In the last few years? Not so much.

I don't blame the reporters/meteorologists. They're working stiffs who do what they're told. Same for the other so-called media. And it must be tough to make the piddly news story sound important when they know they're not really covering the stuff they should.

No...instead we get the stories about Prince Harry's vacation. Or the latest school fashions. Or some other namby-pamby issues while our country merrily dances it's way to destruction while the politicians fiddle-fumble and drum their way to the polls.

There's no real conversation about the issues. No hard-hitting report about the candidates. We're basing our votes on sound bytes orchestrated by faceless propagandists. I'm constantly, continually amaze by the people who declare, "If that was true, it would be on the news..." 


Money controls media. If you don't believe this is true, then I challenge you to do your own research on the following stories:

Monsanto and GMO foods. You think you know what you're eating? Not likely. Most of the food crops have been so manipulated, they bear no resemblance to the original. And our meats/dairy? Full of hormones. I submit it's no accident that our young girls are hitting puberty earlier and our women are suffering a higher incidence of cancers. The war on women began in the fields.

2012 NDAA, HR347, CISPA, the Patriot ACT and Obamacare. No. Don't babble the party line. Don't pass on the line your friends/facebook/twitter is spreading. Go look them up and READ them. It will take time. Do your own research. You and your family are worth it...right?

The candidates. Not just the presidential candidates, but the locals and states. What do you really know about them? Look up their voting records. Find out about the real people behind the media babble and party line. Who's backing them? How did they get to be at the level they currently occupy? Whose agenda are they really backing?

The banking industry. Do you know where your money is? Do you know how it works? You say, "What money?" Exactly. 

The media propaganda machine. Media has always been manipulated for the purposes of those in control. Always. That's why the notion of a free press was so important. Here's the thing. A free press is only free if they can cover stories without being muffled by the money guys. And that's what is happening right now. 

I find it interesting that every time an important issue comes to light, there are a spate of sensational stories hyped that totally distract the public. When a new sensational story hits the Internet, I start looking for a story that quietly faded into the background. And there always is one. We're being manipulated by masters. And by the time we see the full pattern, it will be too late. 

The wolf will be at our door.



  1. I totally agree with you - but look at the people on the street. There is a huge ignorance factor in them. They don't want to know what the issues are. They want to see Prince Harry's naked arse. They find the Kardashians fascinating. They don't want to know about unpleasant things because they would then have to make decisions and frankly I doubt most are educated enough to do so. It's all very Big Brother - Orwell - not the TV show - which in itself gets more airtime than real issues

  2. Exactly what I'm saying. Exactly.

  3. Yeah, I never believe the news or the weather reports.

  4. When you drive through the midwestern US and see row after row, mile after mile of corn that is all EXACTLY the same height, with the same leaves, this should frighten you. It's not food anymore, it's something...else. Same for wheat, soybeans, etc.

  5. Trying to limit my corn, wheat intake. No soy because of the thyroid issues. Read an article about how the wheat has been changed so much it's causing problems with obesity, gluten tolerance, celiac disease... Very scary.