Saturday, September 8, 2007

In search of the frog bead

I feel that there should be ominous music with a video of some gorgeous woman in a trench coat sneaking around shadowy doorways when I read my title. It may come to that before it's all over. I am determined to find a frog bead. Why? Well, listen to my story...

In the spring, I will be attending an author's convention. Several of my fellow authors and I share a lovely editor who established a chat loop just for us. It's called the frog's pond. My editor is a frogaholic. Anyway, quite a few of my fellow frogs will be attending the author's convention--some of them traveling astonishing distances to get there--and I wanted to make a little momento for each of them.

Enter the frog bead.

Beading is one of my hobbies so I thought what could be better than making each of them an item using beads? And what could be cooler than using a frog bead in that item? Right? Well, it would be a fine thing if I could actually find one... or two.

I've searched the local craft stores.

I've searched the local bead shops.

I've searched the internet.

I've found fish, leaves, turtles, hearts, flowers...but no frogs. However, I will persevere. I have six months to locate the frog beads and when I find them, you may be sure that I will snap them up to the last bead. Who knows when I'll need a frog bead again? I believe in being prepared.

So while I go off in search for the elusive frog beads, I'll leave you with my episode of the Blog Saga for entertainment.

When last we saw Jonas, Rafe, and Shade, Rinalda had just informed Rafe that she was going to have his baby...

Jonas looked her over with a connoisseur’s eye and snorted. “Not in this lifetime, I bet. Rafe, you’re a feeble-minded jerk if you fall for that one. That’s the oldest trick in the book. Ask her for proof.”

Shade shot him a nervous glance. “Proof? What kind of proof?”

“DNA. Pregnancy test. That kind of proof,” Jonas retorted impatiently. “What kind of place is this, anyway?”

“DNA?” Queen Zahara seized Jonas by his ear and dragged him closer. “Tell me of this D-N-A!” she demanded.

Jonas shrugged. “It’s a way to tell for sure if the baby is really from one of them.” He pointed to Rinalda. “First of course, you have to find out if she’s even pregnant. My money says ‘no’ and I’m usually correct. I think it’s a ploy to get something from you, Queenie. What do you have that she wants?”

Queen Zahara glared at Rinalda in sudden comprehension. “The kingdom! You witch!”

Rinalda grabbed Rafe’s arm and tapped him with the peeler. With a poof of smoke, they vanished.

“Now see what you done,” Zahara snarled. “She’s taken Rafe!”

“I didn’t do anything,” Jonas protested. “I saved your kingdom!”

Zahara looked at him with an arrested expression. “That is true.” She released his ear and circled him, taking in his muscular figure and well endowed package. “Hmmm.” Leaning closer to his neck, she sniffed and then licked his neck. “Mmmm. Yes, I think you just might be the one. I’ve looked a long time for the right one…”

So what does Zahara have in mind for Jonas? Where are Louella and Emmeline? And Where did Rinalda take Rafe? Stay tuned to find out what new territory Kelly explores on Monday at and of course if you missed yesterday's episode drop by Amarinda's blog at to catch up! Actually, drop by there and look at the yummy man on the cover of her upcoming book, Last Man Standing. Yes, yes, I know he's too young for me, but he is pretty and that dragon tattoo...



  1. Hmmm...what has happened to Rinalda and Rafe?As for beads - I know a lot of people who are mad beaders. They would know where to find a frog bead and the cost and size in the blink of an eye. Beaders, next to scrapbookers, are scary, determined people.

  2. Mad beaders, huh? Well, if you happen to think of it, ask around. Frog beads seem to be a scarce commodity.

    As for Rafe and Rinalda, no doubt Kelly will come up with some suitable location for them. Maybe the 18th dimension or something...

  3. I actually have a few frog beads that strangely enough look like a man's torso. If you'd like to email me I can go ahead and snap a few pictures and let you know where I found them.

  4. Have you tried BeadMonkey yet? I don't know if they have an internet site, but if it's to be had, they'd have it.

  5. That would be wonderful, polheber2! I will definitely do that. Thank you!

    And Kelly, I'll also check to see if beadmonkey has a site. Thanks to both of you for your help!