Monday, September 24, 2007

Where Danger Hides by Desiree Holt

Good Monday Morning! Today's guest author is Desiree Holt aka Judith Rochelle. I sent off my questions to Desiree and she was sweet enough to answer all of them so we'll jump right into the interview.

1) If you could start over with your writing career, what if anything would you change?
I’d join a critique group and learn the mechanics of writing a book to sell. And I wouldn’t waste my time trying to write straight mysteries and never getting past the first two chapters. I’d learn what flowed from my mind, not what I tried to force from it. And I’d learn to be disciplined about it. Not necessarily being a plotter, but how and when I write. And I’d develop a very thick skin.

2) What was the best piece of advice you received regarding the life of a writer?
Don’t ever stop writing and don’t ever give up. If you really want to be a writer, don’t let anything change your mind. And be sure to make some time for yourself.

3) If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
Sam Elliott. I’ve been in love with him for years. Next to that, Linda Howard, my inspiration.

4) If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?
Diaz, the hero of Linda Howard’s Cry No More. I want to take him home with me and lock him in my bedroom.

5) What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s easy. I don’t ever plan to grow up.

6) In the next century, what do you hope people will remember you for?
That I wrote books that gave them happiness, and that I was a really good friend that people could count on.

Where Danger Hides by Desiree Holt from Ellora's Cave

What would you do if you found out after thirty years that you really weren't who you thought you were--that your entire life was a lie? That is the situation Taylor Scott faces in Where Danger Hides. Reeling in shock from a series of loses and changes in her life, prim and proper Taylor has a drink (or three) and propositions a hunky stranger. After a wild night of sex, she wakes to find her lover gone.

A few weeks later, on the last day at her old job, a man pushes his way into her office and to her shock she realizes it is her stranger/lover. This time he reveals that he knew who she was all along. And he has a proposition for her that will change her life in even more drastic ways.

Where Danger Hides raced from one disaster to the next. At times there was the urge to stop for a moment to catch your breath. Taylor had hidden depths and strengths that were revealed only when the chips were down. Noah was there to guide her through the maze of betrayal and danger.

If you want a breathless, exciting book about the high stakes, high finance world spiked with hot, hot sex, then I recommend that you go immediately to Ellora's Cave and buy your own copy of Where Danger Hides.


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  1. I totally agree about Sam Elliot. Total babe absolute doll lush voice tall drink of water. Oh yum.

    Great job you two.

  2. Oh yeah, Sam and Diaz, now there would be a tough choice!

    If any of you out there have been living under a rock and haven't read any of Desiree/Judith's books, you're missing out on some GREAT reads. Get right over to Ellora's Cave, The Lotus Circle, and The Wild Rose Press and start grabbing them up!

  3. Hey woman! Just dropped in to agree with you - I'll never grow up either! Awesome interview, darlin' ;D


  4. Thanks, y'all, for visiting the blog and leaving comments. And a b ig thank you to Anny for having me. this was fun. And Cindy, your check is in the mail! LOL!

  5. As always a interesting interview

  6. *cackle* I want to be Judith when I grow up.

    Great interview, ladies!