Friday, September 7, 2007

Contest winner, Word List, and the Were-Tick Story

It's Friday the day I promised a contest winner and the complete list of words submitted for the Scrabble contest. The winner (scientifically decided by husband drawing names from a hat) is Georgie! I'm offering an e-copy of any of my current releases--Dancer's Delight, Traveller's Refuge, or Chrysanthemum. Georgie e-mail me with the title and format you would like!

Word list--in no particular order--a lot of "q" words:
ai, aa, qwerty, onyx, quiz, leeward, knout, mewing, zax, qat, imp, pi, pate, spate, haj, toxic, quetzal, queazy, quartz, muzjik, onomtopoeia, plethora, pukeable, haiku, quark, zenon

If you can't confound your Scrabble competitors with some of those, get back to me. We'll run another contest, maybe.

Yesterday, fool that I am, I undertook to write a story about a were-tick. In case you don't know what a were-tick is, don't feel bad. No one else does either. Of course, that's the beauty of the thing because I get to make up the rules as I go along. Remember earlier this week I wrote about making up rules?

Well, here's where that's going to come in handy. A were is a being who can shapeshift from his animal shape to a human shape. So first of all, I've chosen for my were-tick to be a male whose name is Titus. Titus the tick. That's pretty much how far I've gotten at this point, but never fear, I have the story of Titus the were-tick percolating in the back of my brain. I should have something ready for prime-time by next week. I'll keep you up-to-date.

There is also a rumor going around that I'm probably part-alien, possibly with blue skin and pointy ears and fangs. To this, I plead the fifth. Good thing I live in America, eh? Why do you think I picked here when I beamed down from the mother ship. Imagine, I could have picked somewhere else like Amarinda. Or I could have decided to live all over the place like Kelly, but no-ooo. I settled on the ocean. My flippers are more comfortable in the water, you know?

It does make it difficult to go to the laundromat or shopping, but hey! Nothing much keeps me down. Not even dealing with a blog story that morphs with every episode. Today was Amarinda's turn. I tell you the woman has a fascination with that weird Queen. If you haven't read it yet, hop over there at and see what she's done now. Kelly has a great interview with Silhouette author Michele Hauf at so check that out.

Pop in tomorrow to see what new twist I put on the blog saga. Until then,



  1. I must point out pukeable is not an official word but I am trying to make it one. I slip it into my books just to see if my editors will let it slide - not yet but I am hopeful

  2. Of course it's a word. It's on a blog, isn't it?

  3. Great blog Anny. Lighthearted, fun, lively, and not at all related to putrid sushi. Grooooaaaaaannn.

  4. Excellent enjoyed your blog