Sunday, September 30, 2007

When Some Day Never Arrives.

Have you ever seen that commercial for Rubbermaid totes? The one where the couple stare at their disorganized garage/attic/junk room in dismay. Then they run out and buy a zillion totes and organize everything and voila! Now they have room for more stuff!

That's me. I've run out of room for stuff. I did the tote trick and now I have no room for more totes so now I have to make some serious decisions about what to do with my stuff. What's that you say? Throw it away? Oh, I can't do that! I might need it some time. I'm not sure when that might be, but really, I might. Some day.

That dress I haven't worn in five years? Who knows? Somebody might invite me somewhere that I need a dress to wear. Same goes for the entire work wardrobe I last put on nearly six years ago. Maybe I should pack them up? Give them away? Burn them in celebration because I don't have to get dressed up to write books?

Those six totes of yarn? In assorted colors? That's for that afghan I'm gonna crochet just as soon as I get time. And the three boxes of fabric... well, let's see. The African ethnic print was for pillows in the living room, but that was three--no four decorating schemes ago. And the Chinese fan print was for my bedroom in the last house we lived in. The abstract print was for curtains in the kitchen. Hmmm. Don't seem to have a window in this kitchen. Well I might have a kitchen with windows some day.

In this corner we have two totes full of beads, one tote with clay, one tote with acrylic paints, and another tote with assorted art supplies. Carving tools, two boxes of paper for paper mache, two totes with Christmas projects, and an enormous tote with pictures that I swear I'm going to organize some day.

Paper. I have every color and shape and size out there. Also enough pens to keep congress in session. Chalks. Inks. Markers. Scissors. As I went through the totes I collected every pair of scissors I found. I have them from tiny embroidery scissors to big ol' pinking shears. Thirty two pairs of scissors. I'm absolutely sure I'll need every last pair some day.

Some day never seems to arrive. It's a nebulous time in the future when there's going to be time, space, time, need, time, a special room, or time to use the stuff. The truth is some day will never arrive. In the meantime, all those things could be benefiting someone somewhere who would love to have them. So my plan is to move one category of stuff out of my house each week, whether I give it away, sell it, or throw it away.

Because the time might come when I have to move to smaller quarters or share my living space with some family member in an emergency. Life is uncertain. You never know what's right around the corner. Some day.


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  1. Have a garage sale. Make some money out of your crap. Others will buy it. Fund your friend with the welfare issue

  2. Stuff weighs us down and distracts us from the important things in life.

    Donate the clothes to a women's homeless/rehab program. As they approach the point when it's time to start applying for jobs, they'll appreciate those nice duds way more than you ever did.

    Try Craig's List for the craft stuff.

    And imagine how much more at ease you'll feel without all that stuff clamoring for your attention.

  3. Ditto to the above. When hubby comes home for the winter and plops his butt (arse, ha ha...) on the couch, I'll come out and help you organize your photos:)

    Oh, and I'll need your newspapers for packing up more of my 'stuff' when we move.

    Daycares, churches, your friend here in Hoosierland could use the school and craft materials as well.

  4. All good ideas. You could have an office someday too. Ever hear of The Fly-Lady? She's a fly fisherwoman guru on cleaning. Very funny and has a great system. She advocates what you're doing and cleaning in 15 minute increments a day. If I had the gumption, I might actually apply her ideas. And yours for that matter. When you get rid of the stuff, what will you do with the totes??

  5. Give the clothes away. You'll never wear them again and if you are ever invited someplace you need a dress just think of the fun you'll have shopping for a new one :)

    And I volunteer to adopt all the fabric if you can figure out how to get it to Cairo (greedy quilter alert!!)