Monday, September 17, 2007

Winning and Losing

Acorn preparation part two--shelling the acorn. Well, it's been interesting. I'm no where near done. I will tell you that shelling the small acorns is... let's just say that shelling the bigger ones is much easier. I still have quite a bit to do so I'll update you on that tomorrow.

Have you ever played a game of solitaire and known from the very first card that you were going to lose? Sometimes life is like that. From the very first move you know that some action is not going to work out. Other times you can begin the game and know immediately that you will win.

And then sometimes the placement of one card can decide the game. Maybe that's the day that you decide to drive down a street you don't normally drive down--and someone broadsides your car. Maybe that's the day you walk into a store and you're the 1000th customer. Maybe that's the night that you switch shifts with someone else at your fast food job and the store is robbed.

I've had some winning hands in my lifetime--a few. Mostly, my life is in that last category. The one that is so iffy. Decide to go to the store and walk into a robbery in progress. Or decide to go for a walk and meet a new friend along the way.

I choose to take each turn as it comes. Some good. Some bad.

But there are people--we all know them--who take every single turn in life as a personal attack. That's a stressful way to live and leads to a shortened life. One of my son's teachers (a very long time ago when he was in elementary school) was frustrated and angry. "Sometimes I think he stays awake at night thinking up things to do!" she declared. It's possible, but not likely. People in general don't have the time to devote to "getting" their fellow man.

Winning or losing is mostly about our own choices and how they intersect with someone else's choices. At the intersection we frequently must make another choice on the spur of the moment. We must think on our feet. React instantly. How we perform can be a matter of life or death.

So far, I've made the right choices. I'm still here. That doesn't mean I'll be right tomorrow. It just means that I'll have a tomorrow. Another day to make some more choices. Hopefully, winning choices.


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  1. Jeeze...deep and meaningful - just like my blog today

  2. No tasting until the processing is complete. But I'll be sure to report on it when I get to that point.

  3. The premise of my books: Even good people can still make bad choices...and it's what they do with that choice when they realized they have stumbled. Do they work to change their lives? Or wallow in self-pity? Unfortunately, I'm married to the latter...and it drives me nuts! Everything that goes wrong in his life is blamed on things he didn't (or couldn't)change X-years ago...or me, but I refuse to let him make me feel guilty for his problems.

  4. I'm depressed now, Zen Queen. I was muddling along through my Nicolas kiss, on to AJ's horrific loss of carrots and now this!? What is the world coming to? And I hold the men in AJ's office personally responsible for her suddenly shooting Pronk. They've pissed her off good, haven't they?

  5. Check your email, Kelly. I sent you something that will cheer you up!

  6. Yep, don't write any men into the serial as they will all die this week.