Friday, September 14, 2007

Zoltan the Great

First of all I want to say that I'm incredibly proud to be featured in the premier issue of the e-zine, eMuse. My books, Dancer's Delight and Traveller's Refuge were reviewed, plus there is an in-depth interview at so please drop by and read all about it!

Reviews and interviews are always such a thrill for the author, but a lovely showcase such as eMuse did for my work is very special. I want to say how very much I appreciate the honor!

When we left the Blogga Saga last, Amarinda left me somewhat in a tight spot with this little nugget:

“Because to keep us alive, I am going to have to kill the man who is about to walk through that door.” She now knew where she was and who was coming for her. His last lesson had nearly killed her. But this time he would not succeed.

“I don’t understand…”

“Don’t blither. Just give it to me.” She snatched the pen from his hand just as the door flew open. Emmeline locked eyes with the darkly handsome man before her. Sex on a stick. “Hello Zoltan.”

“Come to try to kill me again, Emmeline?” Zoltan asked in amusement.

“Who is he?” Sam could feel the tension crackle in the room.

“I’m Emmeline’s husband.”

As you can see, I had my work cut out for me. But I do believe I added my own little twist...

Zoltan the Great!” Sam looked at Emmeline in amazement. “You’re married to Zoltan the Great? That’s incredible! He’s the greatest magician that ever lived!”

“What do you know about it?” Emmeline jeered. “He’s a maniac. He nearly killed me the last time we were together. He sawed me in half!” She threw her hands in the air and screamed with frustration. “Why doesn’t anyone understand?”

Sam snatched his pen from her hand and tucked it in his pocket. “It was a magic trick,” he explained patiently. “It isn’t real.”

“Well, it felt damned real to me!” she declared.

Zoltan brushed his dark hair back, gathered it in a neat tail and tied it with a leather strip. He grinned at Emmeline’s temper fit. “That’s what I tried to tell her. Instead of listening she ran off to work for the Galaxy Network in some weird two-bit show about zucchinis.” He shook his head in puzzlement. “We had a show contract in Vegas and she ran out on me. I was stuck finishing the gig with some chick named Rinalda.”

“Rinalda.” The temperature dropped thirty degrees when Emmeline snarled her name. “You worked with that two-timing, back-stabbing witch?”

Zoltan shrugged. “If you run around with those lounge lizards, Shade and Rafe, what do you expect? You blew away a major contract, Emmeline.”

Sam scowled at both of them. “This seems to be something the two or you should work out. I’m just going to take my purple box and go home. I’m going now…” He vanished, leaving a haze of purple smoke in the huge bedroom.

Zoltan sat down on the side of the bed and crossed his arms. “Well, Emmeline? It’s all up to you!”

Heh. So, what will Kelly do with this on Monday? Tune in to see. In the meantime, I'm sure both Kelly - and Amarinda - will have something entertaining to say today so drop by.



  1. Hey, that e-muse review is impressive. Well done.

    As for Zoltan, yep, I see this man being a verrrry nice addition to the blog. What's gping to happen on that nice big bed? A magic trick?

  2. Just read the review and interview...congratulations:) Well done!

  3. My favorite part was this description of Dancer: "but makes him stand there, glaring at you with smug indifference almost daring you to try to figure him out"

    So true! The reviews and interview were fantastic. I will have to drop a note and let them know. Fabulous work, Anny girl.