Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas 2007

Well, here we are. In a few short days, the presents will be opened, wrapping paper will litter the floor, the food will be eaten and we'll sit in a stupor, feeling as though we've been through a war. I am a great believer in simplicity. If I had my way, there would be no gifts except for children and those would be few and inexpensive.

My ideal Christmas is one of quiet and reflection, soft carols, candlelight, sharing a meal and good talk, playing a game or reading a book. No doubt there will be some who would find that too boring or sedate. I want time to savor the meaning of Christmas and that's no possible while rushing to and fro in search of the perfect gift for someone who has no need for more "things".

There are so many who will do without this year--so many families who are missing loved ones in the Armed Forces, so many families without homes lost in fires, storms, earthquakes. In the hustle and bustle of the celebrations, take time to be thankful for all we have.

In a few short hours I will be driving along with the thousands of others on the Interstates, traveling to be my daughter and grandchildren for Christmas. Our truck is packed to the ceiling with all sorts of things that need to be transported--a Christmas tree to replace theirs since it abruptly keeled over this week, too tired to stand up anymore, and bags of bedding from a friend who cleaned out her cedar chest, and of course the presents we bought on Black Friday, plus the luggage for a week, computer, brief case, materials for dolly dresses, and assorted other necessities.

Quite frankly, we look like we're moving. I'm very happy that most of it is staying in New York. I have no idea how it always happens, but we always seem to drag along enough stuff to outfit a new house.

If you're out on the roads too, drive safely. Remember that the object is to arrive safely. The fastest driver does NOT win. The winner is the one that reaches their destination in one piece. Please all be winners.

On Saturday, I will post the last episode of the Saga for this year. Then we'll all take a breather and restart the Monday after New Years. No telling what we'll think up with all that spare time on our hands.

Merry Christmas.


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  1. I wish you and your readers a peaceful holiday break.

  2. Have a safe trip, Anny. And you're not favorite holidays are the ones where we are not obligated to travel!

  3. Happy Holidays, Anny. We are lucky and staying home. The fam is trickling in.

  4. Have a safe trip Anny, and enjoy those cutie-cutie grandkids!