Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Winners and The Last Saga for 2007

We have Winners! The Twelve Days of Romance have ended and we have three lucky winners.
1st Place - Kimberly Lane - 6 books
2nd Place - Tina Brunelle - 4 books
3rd Place - Jennifer Lindsey - 2 books
All winners have been notified. We want to thank all contestants so much for participating. I want to say that I really enjoyed reading all of the entries! Merry Christmas!

And now the last Saga episode of the year...

“He will never love you.” There was only one woman he loved and that could never be.

“He will if I have the obelisk.”

A sudden green flash lit up the room and he appeared. “Neither of you shall have the obelisk.”

Emmeline gasped in shock. “What the bloody hell are you doing here?”

And now...

"Tchk, Emmeline, you just jump from one difficulty to the next. When will you admit that you will never best me?"

She straightened up, quills clacking in agitation. "I am the best. I am the best! No one will defeat me!"

He nodded agreeably. "It's always a good thing when you have confidence. Hold your head up high. Believe that you are beautiful and let no one convince you otherwise."

"What do you think you are?" she demanded. "Some weird cheerleader?"

"I simply believe that all women are beautiful in their own way."

The Mary moved to join Emmeline. "I don't think you really believe that. You just want Emmeline to give you the Obelisk. Once you have it in your possession, you'll be long gone."

Emmeline tapped her lip with one finger. "I agree, The Mary. He's full of baloney. If I destroy the Obelisk, I bet he sings a different tune."

"Go for it!" The Mary crossed her arms over her ample bosom and nodded sharply. "It's time to find out the truth. Destroy the Obelisk and we will finally know who he really loves..."

Who is he? Who does he love? Tune back in on the first Monday after New Years to see what direction Kelly takes us in...

Until then, check their blogs at and Blessings on your day!


  1. Yes...who is he? Maybe he doesn't love anyone. Maybe he is just toying with them...most intruguing

  2. At least I have a couple of weeks to work it out! Just think of all the insanity I could create with this blogga.