Thursday, December 27, 2007

Looking Forward

Traditionally at this time of year people take time to reflect on the accomplishments, good decisions and bad for the past year, and set some goals for the coming year. I think it's a natural human trait to stop and assess where we are in our lives. The closing of a year is a good time to think about what we want to accomplish in the coming year.

When I was a much younger woman, New Year's resolutions were a popular tradition. I've noticed that it's a tradition that seems to be passing away pretty much. And perhaps that's not a bad thing. Resolutions somehow are so concrete that they set us up for failure when we can't keep them. Personally, I believe setting goals is more positive. A goal is something you can strive for, yet it isn't a failure it you don't reach that goal. It's a destination, not the journey.

This past year has been a year of highs and lows for me. I've had sadness and joy, success and failure, good news and bad. I accomplished more than I dreamed I would, yet less than I hoped. There is much to look forward to as I leave 2007 behind me.

My goals for next year are simple.

I would like to walk every day. I know that there will be days that this will not happen, but it is a worthy goal. I will not set a distance or time, but I will set the goal of walking every day.

I compiled a tentative schedule of books I would like to write in the coming year. My goal is to stick pretty close to my schedule. That will require less time online, less time putzing around, and more time actually writing. All of the above will require more self discipline.

I am a terrible housekeeper. I have set a goal of straightening up before I go to bed every night. It would be better if I had nothing to straighten up, but after all these years, that doesn't seem like a likely event, so perhaps I can start by simply picking up stuff before I go to bed. I don't hold out a lot of hope for this goal, but I've been surprised before.

I think that's probably my entire list. If I find that I'm actually meeting my goals, I might get daring and add a couple more, but for now... this is enough.

At my age, I've discovered that I can't do everything or be everybody or be everywhere. In many ways, this is a liberating realization. I no longer have to strive to meet anyone's expectations but my own. Looking forward to a new year I can anticipate finding out what I can accomplish for myself.

What about you? Do you have a hope or dream for the new year?


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  1. I make no resolutions...I am perfect the way I am

  2. We can't argue with Ms. Amarinda. Fact is fact.
    For myself: I won't go so far as housekeeping though it is a wonderful goal. Hmm, maybe onwards and upwards with the writing and exercise....

  3. I agree, no resolutions, only goals. My goals include finishing the spring cleaning (from 2005) and beginning the spring cleaning (from 2006). And more exercise (walking further than from one end of the apartment to the other). I'll take it as it comes learn more of life lessons from wise Anny.
    To a Happy New Year, Jane

  4. Would that I were perfect like Amarinda.

    I like the idea of goals rather than resolutions. I'm going to have to ponder my goals.

  5. I'm way late reading this post but I'm going to comment anyway. Sometimes I think things are more easily achieved if you say them out loud. My goal for the year is to learn to trust again even if only just a little bit.